Christos Anesti!

Alithos Anesti!


These greetings were used by the very early church of the Greek speaking world to welcome in the Easter miracle. Christos Anesti, or “The Lord is Risen!” is the first part of the greeting. Alithos Anesti, or “Indeed, He is Risen!” is the response of the believer to the marvelous news that Jesus Christ is Risen today!

The priests, deacons and staff of the Catholic Community wish you the abundant and overflowing joy of the Easter season!

What makes the Easter season so special?  Why all the hoopla? Because Jesus, through the power of God the Father, conquers death! Jesus’ sufferings of Holy Week are gone, except for their scars. The pains of his crucifixion have been replaced by the sweetness of the face of God. The anguish and loss and betrayal that Jesus suffered have transformed into into eternal, infinite Love

And, as there is Good news for Jesus, there is Great news for us as well. Jesus has won the battle. He won it for himself and he wins it for us. We have the confidence that our sufferings and our pains and the anguish, loss and betrayal that we encounter will be transformed because of Jesus’ resurrection. We no longer have to be afraid or lonely or untrusting.

Our prayer for you and your families at the Easter season is that you come to realize the great gift that we have been given in Jesus’ Resurrection. We have a home in heaven!

Photos of our churches during Easter and the great Easter Vigil!

Photos from Holy Week