Office Hours Update (from Father Paul)

Well my friends, I have been with you for six weeks now as your pastor, so I am getting to the point that I cannot claim ‘being new’ as an excuse. I have met with both councils (Pastoral and Finance), I have had an opportunity to meet one on one with about half of the staff of our collaborative, I have figured out the lights on Boston Road and even found a couple of short cuts.

Now that we have become accustomed to the concept of collaborative, which is indeed different from the traditional parish model we had come to know and live, it is time to take advantage of how collaboration can expand and improve the ministry of the three parishes or as I like to call it, ‘the local church of Billerica.’ Working together we can engage in ministries and reach more people, in a way that each individual parish could not.

In these beginning weeks I have had to address a couple of situations that required immediate attention, without the advantage of prioritizing them within the big picture. With the advantages of technology, there has been a decrease in foot traffic to all of our offices as some choose to email and phone our offices to request Masses, Baptisms and other parish business.

Therefore, we are taking an opportunity to clearly define the days and times of office hours at the three parishes of the collaborative. Beginning Monday, July 29, Office Hours at ALL of our locations will be from 9am to 1pm. Someone will be in the office during those hours, but after 1pm there may not be, as we will use this time to schedule meetings and other activities for the staff during that time. If there is someone there outside of those hours, they will be happy to assist you.

Collaborative Office Hours (as of July 29, 2019)

St. Andrew Tuesday from 9am to 1pm
St. Mary Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 1pm
St. Theresa Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am to 1pm