Thank you for your continued generosity and support for St. Matthew Parish!  We sincerely thank those who have made a contribution or pledge.

Many contribute to our parish weekly, monthly, or periodically, depending on circumstances. None of us were prepared for many different hardships the current COVID-19 pandemic would create. God is always with us and reveals himself to us especially is the most difficult times. One of those ways that God has presented himself in this challenging time is through you, and your generosity you have shown to our parish through your continued financial support. Your generous donations have helped us to address the needs of the physical plants of our parish.

This year we asked each of our families to consider a bold donation of $1,200.00 to the 2020 Grand Annual. Thank you to the many who have made donations and pledges. Some have sent in their donations upon receipt of the letter, while others contribute monthly and weekly splitting their donation over several months. However you chose to donate to the Grand Annual Appeal, please know that your generosity is greatly appreciated. A reminder, that donations may be made monthly ($100) or weekly ($23). By receiving Weekly envelopes, you will receive a Grand Annual envelope to contribute each month.

We thank you for your willingness to participate. We want God’s presence and Christ’s love to be celebrated at St. Matthew’s Parish for generations to come. We have been blessed by the continued support of our parishioners.