Father Aveni has released an important video message on changes at St. Matthew Parish.

CLICK HERE to view this video.


St. Theresa Priest Residence. After 3 1/2 months out of the Residence, the Priests will be moving back shortly, now that the mold has been remediated and other work completed.


Governor Baker’s 4/27 Announcement.  Although the Governor increased our capacity from 40% to 50%, this does not increase our capacity, since we remain restricted by 6 foot social distancing. We can still only be filled to 25%. The Governor anticipates that by 8/1 all restrictions will be lifted, and indoor capacity increased to 100%. We are anticipating this for its positive effect on our worship. We may be still be required to wear masks during worship. Stay tuned.


Mass Changes. Singing at Mass will be allowed starting May 23, but hymnals will not be allowed. Processions will be allowed, but altar servers are not yet allowed. We are still required to track attendance. We will continue to use SignUpGenius for this. And, we continue to be required to maintain 6 foot social distancing and to sanitize our churches between each use.


NOTE: This has been superceded by other news.
Now through August 1. Due to increased attendance, we will begin to offer an additional TEMPORARY MASS on Sundays at 11am at St. Mary Church. This Mass will begin Sunday, May 30 (Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity), and extend through Sunday July 25, with the hope of returning to full capacity on August 1. This Mass will NOT have music. Note: THIS IS A TEMPORARY MASS TIME

On August 1, we plan to return to our current Mass Schedule:

Saturday at 4pm at St. Mary Church
Sunday at 8am at St. Andrew Church
Sunday at 10am at St. Theresa Church

We will assess our Mass needs after capacity restrictions are lifted, and determine whether additional Mass Times are required.


Recorded Masses. We have been blessed to be able to offer on-line Masses recorded from our Parish Churches since the pandemic began, even after our Churches were reopened last May. This was never intended to be permanent, though. Our recorded Masses will end with the recording for Sunday, June 6 (Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ). We encourage you to view the Mass on CatholicTV by CLICKING HERE. CatholicTV broadcasts its own Sunday Liturgies on Sundays at 1pm and 7pm, as well as Mass from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart from the campus of Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, on Sundays at 10am.


Parish-based indoor Meetings. Parish-based indoor events for up to 100 people have been allowed by the Governor, with social distancing to be observed, masks worn, and surfaces sanitized. Since it has been a while since we have had Prish group meeting, we MUST RESCHEDULE ALL FORMER MEETINGS. We WILL NOT just resume “the old schedule.” We ask all organizations and groups to contact the Parish Office (Heather and Karen, 978.663.8816, admin@billericacatholic.org) to arrange for the possibility of starting your meetings again. We hope to have a meeting with all organization leaders in the near future.


Upcoming Videos. Many parishioners were surprised at the changes that have been needed over the past year. We want to renew our efforts to be transparent with important information so that those surprises are less likely to happen or do not happen in the future.

First, Our Finance Council will be producing a video concerning our Financial Status and the Annual Report from our last Fiscal year. It will also discuss our present financial state, especially in light of the effects of the Pandemic on our offertory. We are grateful to everyone who has been able to contribute faithfully, but there have been some definite adverse effects of the Pandemic on our offertory.

Second, our Building Committee (started last Summer) has been diligent in assessing the status and safety of our buildings, assisted greatly by the Archdiocese. They will be putting together a video that highlights the concerns we have, and what it will take to get our buildings where they need to be. In their current state, it is difficult, or maybe even impossible, to maintain all 7 buildings. We want to show you why that is so, and why we are so concerned.