Father Aveni has released an important followup video message on Mass changes at St. Matthew Parish.

CLICK HERE to view this video.

As the Covid restrictions are lifted in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are also beginning to lift restrictions at the parish. We have met as a staff and have heeded the advice of the Archdiocese to guide us as we put together our plan to lift restrictions. We are aware of and respect that all decisions we communicate will not meet the desires of everyone.

Wearing of a mask is no longer required for all who have been fully vaccinated, please respect an individual decision regarding masks. The Commonwealth does advise those who have not been vaccinated to continue wearing masks. No one at Saint Matthew will ask anyone about their vaccination history.

The Sunday Obligation to attend Mass remains lifted by the Archbishop of Boston.

Beginning Saturday May 29, the following will go into effect… 
o We will no longer have parishioner register to attend Masses

o Parishioners may enter and exit out churches through all doors

o We will reserve the two side wings at Saint Theresa Church, for those who want to continue to Social distance from others.

o Online Masses continue for the next two weekends for those who are not comfortable attending in person. Beginning June 12-13, online and televised Masses will be available through Catholic TV as was our practice prior to the pandemic.

o We will resume exchanging the Sign of Peace at Masses in a no-contact fashion, especially for those who do not live under the same roof. Please respect the person’s decision regarding the sign of peace.

o Communion will continue to be distributed as one species (the body of Christ) only. There is no longer a restriction to receive on the hand. Ministers distributing communion will continue to wear a mask for the time being.

We are very grateful for your faithful contribution to our parish throughout the pandemic. Knowing that many in our parish have been affected financially by the pandemic, the level of giving remains well below the pre-pandemic level. Contributions to the parish will continue to be made as we have during the pandemic, that is:online giving, through drop off at the office, mail in and at the basket at the front of our churches as you come into church. We will not be taking up a physical collection at the offertory.

We will not be continuing with the anticipated temporary 11am overflow Mass, as it is no longer needed. We will continue to monitor the needs of the Mass schedules for our Parish.

Offertory processions with bread and wine will not restart until a future time. We will address other topics such as a weekday Mass schedule and the distribution of Holy Water at a later time.

Please continue to respect those who cannot remove their masks, or choose not to, at this point. Also, please continue to check in on those who cannot worship with us at the moment.

We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has made this transition possible, as we continue to lift restrictions and come together as a community.