2022 Annual Financial Report now available !

CLICK HERE for 2022 Annual Financial Report to Parishioners

We are pleased to present the 2022 Annual Financial Report to the parishioners of St. Matthew Parish. This report reflects the fiscal year July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022.

As you know, the numbers can only tell part of the story. Our strength as a faith community is best measured by the ways we express and experience the love of God and of our neighbor. We begin our second year as a parish community, enhancing the faith formation of children and adults, encouraging participation in ministries, and managing our financial plan.

Some highlights from the report:

St. Matthew is pleased to offer online giving to easily provide the means for one-time as well as recurring gifts! billericacatholic.org/givenow

This year St. Matthew Parish focused on stewardship in all aspects of parish life. We continue this into this coming year.

In November of 2021, St. Mary Church was relegated to profane use. Significant savings from closing St. Mary church were not seen in FY 2022. Insurance, decreased expense of utilities, and snow removal remained in place at this property.

The following Capital Expenditures are noted:

Installation of gas line, electrical work, and installation of kitchen appliances to the parish rectory.

Asbestos abatement took place in St. Theresa church.

Additional expenses were incurred for the Mold Remediation project –additional air sample testing, purchase of multiple air purifiers.

Updates to the HVAC system in St. Matthew Hall.


Although our offertory increased in FY 2022, we continue to fall short meeting our monthly expenses. The FY2023 Budget shows a deficit. We need to increase revenue & contributions to balance our budget and pay our bills. If everyone could increase their monthly contribution by $360 a year ($30.00/month; $6.90 a week) we could bridge the gap in our budget deficit – balancing our budget for FY 2023!

FY2022 saw higher than normal increases in the cost of gas and electricity resulting in increased utility costs for the parish. Every effort is being made to monitor costs and expenses. Copies of the 2022 Annual Financial Report can be found at the back of the church for parishioners to take.