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Father Jean and Deacon Phil are excited to announce a continuation of this Easter’s “Praying with the Psalms” series to help you get to know Jesus better, pray more richly, and understand the Sunday Psalms. They will jointly lead a discussion series with the Psalms, including the best ways to understand them and incorporate them into […]

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Would Jesus ask me, “Do you not yet have faith?” Does my faith strengthen and console me during times of trial?   13th Sunday in Ordinary Time How does my faith in the Lord give me hope when I might otherwise feel hopeless?   14th Sunday in Ordinary Time How is […]

This past week many of you may have received a letter asking your support of the 2021 Catholic Appeal. THANK YOU! to those of you who have already made your gift to the 2021 Catholic Appeal. As you know, your support of the Appeal helps fund the Central Ministries of the Archdiocese including supporting our […]

This Scholarship Award was privately established in 1996 in memory of Chris, who was an altar server for many years at St. Theresa. He passed away suddenly in 1996 while a student at Providence College. Congratulations and best wishes to our 4 graduating senior altar servers who will receive this award on May 30 at […]

Ministry of Hope A New Funeral Ministry Outreach Saint Matthew the Evangelist Parish introduces a new Ministry of Hope. Corporal Works of Mercy are found in the teaching of Jesus and give us a model for how we should treat others, as if they were Christ in disguise. They are “charitable actions by which we […]

Please feel to reach out to the Staff or any of our Ministries, or ask questions, using the form below. CLICK HERE for our Parish Directory, or call our Parish Office at 978.663.8816 for assistance. Our Office Hours are Monday through Wednesday 10am-1pm.  

Thanks to all who made our Holy Week and Easter celebrations so special, and thank to all who joined together in the commemorations and celebrations! Special congratulations to Alex, Taylor and Vincent as they were Baptized, Confirmed and received Jesus for the first time in the Eucharist. Special congratulations, too, to Jackie, who was Confirmed […] April 21, 2021 The following is the Cardinal’s statement Following Chauvin Verdict. “The killing of George Floyd has had a traumatic impact on our society. The suffering he endured and the immense loss his family has experienced speaks to us on a very human level.    The death of Mr. Floyd in a very public […]

Easter Flowers We thank all who donated to support our Easter Flowers this year.  What a wonderful way to beautify our worship spaces (churches) and perhaps remember those who have gone before. CLICK HERE for Easter Flower Donors and Remembrances    

On Sunday April 11, we welcomed Viviana Grace into the Family of God! Please join us in congratulating Viviana’s parents, Mario and Kristen.     On Sunday February 14, we welcomed Margaret Carol to the Family of God! Please join us in congratulating Maggie’s parents (Christopher and Kelly), her sister (Rose), and her godparents (Jason […]

SAINT MATTHEW THE EVANGELIST PARISH 2021 Paschal Candles    SAINT THERESA CHURCH APIS MATER.  The Exsultet praises the bee whose work builds the precious torch of the Paschal candle. Apis Mater, literally translated “Mother Bee,” is an introspective candle that shines with the joy of community life, the discipline of hard work, and the love […]

  This week’s Stations, The Stations of the Cross for Children, by Julianne M. Will, will be on BATV at 6:30pm on Good Friday, 4/2. CLICK HERE to pray those stations on YouTube. CLICK HERE to pray The Stations of the Cross with Bishop Hennessey on YouTube. CLICK HERE to pray Everyone’s Way of the Cross, […]