billerica, massachusetts

Stewardship and Pentecost Each Pentecost, we hear the story the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples and Peter’s powerful speech witnessing to Christ. The scripture readings remind us that Pentecost is an event not just of the past but also of the present. We received the Holy Spirit at Baptism and Confirmation, when the Spirit […]

The following article first appeared in The Pilot in the spring of 2022: By Jacqueline Tetrault: Kevin Roy is not, technically speaking, a professional artist. Although he has repaired statues for decades, he has never advertised or charged for his services. But his reputation among the Catholic faithful in his community has given him plenty […]

Click here for PDF Handout LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD NOW! The Massachusetts State Legislature is considering passing into law two deeply troubling bills this session which would legalize Physician Assisted Suicide. The bills, House 2381 and Senate 1384, are identical in text and titled “An Act relative to end of life options”. “The Catholic […]