Thus says the LORD:
For I know well the plans I have in mind for you,
plans for your welfare and not for woe,
so as to give you a future of hope.

When you call me, and come and pray to me,
I will listen to you.

When you look for me, you will find me.
Yes, when you seek me with all your heart,
I will let you find me
and I will change your lot.
      – Jeremiah 29

Catholic Community of Billerica
(updated 4/1 at 4:45pm)


  • Graveside burials will take place instead of Funerals.
  • Baptisms will take place but with only parents and Godparents in attendance.


PLEASE ALWAYS practice social distancing whenever you are in contact with other Parishioners and with your neighbors.


  • No Palms will be distributed on Palm Sunday, by any means.
  • There will be no public Holy Week celebrations.
  • First Communions and Confirmations are delayed until the Fall.
  • Divine Mercy Sunday will not be celebrated communally.
  • Neither Weekday nor Weekend Masses will be celebrated. Mass Intentions will be rescheduled. A daily private Mass will be celebrated for the people of Billerica.
  • All our Parishes Offices are closed through 5/3. Call 978.663.8816 x9 for Sacramental emergencies. We appreciate your patience as we transition to working remotely.
  • All our Churches are closed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, until further notice at the direction of the Town of Billerica.
  • All in-church Confessions have been suspended, including Wednesday evening confessions with Adoration.
  • Stations of the Cross on Lent Fridays have been suspended.
  • Nursing Home & Homebound Visits
  • All Billerica Catholic Religious Education classes and programs, including First Communion Workshops and the Easter Basket Project have been suspended.
  • The Catholic Appeal has been suspended until May.
  • All Funerals or Funeral Services in Church have been suspended.
  • The St. Vincent dePaul Bingo night will be rescheduled. St. Vincent de Paul Society home visits, food pantry, and monthly food drive are all  suspended until further notice.

Stay in touch!

We want to update you about the continuing steps that the Catholic Community of Billerica is taking to navigate these challenging times. We will keep updated with the latest information, as well as Facebook, using the group Catholic Community of Billerica.

We can also send you email, but if we do not have your email address, we cannot. If you would like to receive emails from us, please provide your name and email to 978.663.8816 x200 or, and we will add you to our list.


We are grateful for your continuing support of our Parishes during this time. Please consider making your contribution sending by mail or donating online. We cannot do this without your support, especially in this time of uncertainty, and suspended Masses. Please consider giving to your Parish so that we can continue to serve your Spiritual and Faith needs.

We sincerely appreciate your commitment and generosity to each of our parishes. Reach out to Chris at 978-663-8816 x243 with questions.


“I urge those who can do so to maintain the support for their parish during these difficult days in order to sustain the ministries and outreach services for parishioners and those most in need. We entrust the Church to the intercession of our Blessed Mother as we pray for the return to full celebration of the sacraments and community prayer as soon as possible.”  -Cardinal Seán.


Update Log

4/1 at 4:45pm.    Father Paul has published his weekly video. CLICK HERE to view it. Father Paul thanks Parishioners for their support, speaks about Palm Sunday (and the distribution of Palms), Holy Week, Divine Mercy Sunday, and more. He also includes suggestions for a more reverent viewing of on-line Masses.

Several additional adjustments to Parish Life have been announced:

    • Our Parish offices will be closed through May 3.
    • There will be no public Divine Mercy celebration.


3/31 at 10am.     Several adjustments were made to the Parish Life:

    • No Palms will be distributed on Palm Sunday.
    • First Holy Communions and Confirmations will be delayed until Fall.
    • There will be no public Holy Week Celebrations.


3/24 at 1:30pm.  Click HERE to view Father Aveni’s latest video to the Catholic Community of Billerica.


3/23 at 5pm.        The St. Vincent de Paul Society has suspended home visits and the food pantry collections. The monthly food drive is suspended until further notice.


3/23 at 11am.     At the direction of the Town of Billerica, all our Churches will be closed immediately until further notice. All in-church Confession times have been suspended, including Wednesday confessions with Adoration. Click HERE for the Town of Billerica Corona update. 


3/23 at 11am.      At the direction of the Governor, all our Parishes Offices will be closed from noon on Tuesday 3/24 through noon on Tuesday 4/7. Contact us for Sacramental Emergencies on our Emergency line (978.663.8816 x9). We will continue to monitor our Parish Office phone numbers, and appreciate your patience as we transition to working remotely.


3/21 at 4pm.        Bishop Hennessey visited Billerica to share the 4th Sunday of Lent with the Parishioners of our Parishes. Although we continue to social distance, we can keep holy the Sabbath from our homes. Click HERE to see the video.


3/21 at 3:30pm.   Click HERE to see Father Aveni’s latest announcement of changes for Scheduled Confession, Funerals, and open Churches.


3/19 at 8pm.        Click HERE for an important message from Cardinal Seán at this time of health crisis.


3/17 at 3:45pm.  Click HERE for an important video from Father Aveni.


3/16 at 4:50pm.  Click HERE for an important message from Father Aveni.


3/16 at 3pm.  Click HERE for  the latest update on which activities will and won’t happen within the Catholic Community of Billerica.

3/13 at 6pm.  All daily and Weekend Masses and religious services in all Archdiocesan parishes are suspended until further notice, at the request of Cardinal Seán and Governor Baker. Click HERE for the statement from Cardinal Seán.

3/13 at 4pm.  All faith formation and related activities (e.g. adult faith formation, youth ministry, Scouting, etc.) are cancelled until further notice, at the request of the Archdiocese. Click HERE for the statement from the Archdiocese.

This includes:

    • Father Hal’s “The Strange Season of Christmas” Bible Study
    • Deacon Phil’s “Jesus is calling” Sunday Series
    • Stations of the Cross
    • All BCRE Classes and Programs

3/13 at 4pm.  Additionally, all Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese are closed through 3/27. Click HERE for more details.