billerica, massachusetts

Contact Phone: 978.663.8816 x300  CLICK HERE to contact Karen. Karen Dubbs served as Office Manager for St. Mary Parish since 2015.  Formerly she was Director of Religious Education for several years, and before then assisted the Director of Religious Education.  St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish office hours are 10am-1pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Contact Phone: 978.663.8816 x332  CLICK HERE to contact Dino. Dino Bastianelli joined us in the fall of 2019 as facilities manager for all properties, and had no idea what challenges awaited him. Dino has been instrumental in preparing and keeping our facilities sanitized since we reopened.

Contact Phone: 978.663.8816 x444 CLICK HERE to contact Deb. Deb Fergus is our Senior Coordinator of Youth Faith Formation, specifically serving young teens in grades 5-8 and their families. Deb is also the Coordinator for our annual Summer Adventure Week.

Contact Phone: 978.663.8816 x444 CLICK HERE to contact Karyn. Karyn Moody is our Coordinator of Children’s Ministries, specifically serving children in grades 1-4 and their families, and First Sacraments (Reconciliation and Eucharist) for most children.

Contact Phone: 978.663.8816 x448 CLICK HERE to contact Dustin. My name is Dustin Batista, and I am happy to serve St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish here in Billerica as Pastoral Associate and Assistant Coordinator of Teen Ministries. I graduated Merrimack College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious and Theological Studies. I […]