This fall, over 90 candidates for Confirmation will receive the sacrament. We are looking to match each candidate up with a prayer partner in our parish, someone who will commit to praying for the candidate each day through their reception of Confirmation. For more information and to sign up, please click here.

By offering to be a Confirmation prayer partner, you are agreeing to regularly pray for one of the candidates for Confirmation in the Catholic Community of Billerica, St. Matthew the Evangelist parish.

Regular prayer depends on you – weekly, daily, or however often you pray!

Your accompanying a candidate preparing for Confirmation can make a significant difference in their life of faith and discipleship.

By completing this form, you are informing the Teen Ministries team (Confirmation Coordinators) that you are willing to be a Confirmation Prayer Partner. Someone from our team will contact you with the name of a candidate and their Confirmation date, if known. We ask that you keep your prayer partner status anonymous until the candidate receives the sacrament of Confirmation.

In the summer and fall of 2021, this initiative is being piloted. We are open to any feedback you have or suggestions for improvements.