On Thursday (3/12) afternoon, Cardinal Seán issued this statement concerning the Coronavirus and the Archdiocese of Boston. In summary, the Cardinal writes:

  1. Reception of Holy Communion.  During this time of public health concerns we are temporarily suspending distribution of communion on the tongue and invite the faithful to reverently receive the Eucharist in their hand. This directive is motivated by care and concern for the health of our people, especially those who are most vulnerable. As soon as the need for this temporary policy has passed and it will be safe to do so we will return to the practice of distribution of communion on the tongue.
  2. Holy Water Fonts.  These should be emptied, cleaned and remain empty.
  3. Public Events.  Public gatherings in parishes such as dinners, lunches, and other social gatherings should be postponed or canceled until further notice
  4. Celebration of Mass.  We will continue public celebration of daily and Sunday Mass. This is an exception to #3 but I judge at the moment this to be a necessary source of support for the community.
  5. Vulnerable Individuals.  Those at particular risk by reason of age or existing health conditions, are excused from the obligation to attend Mass. We encourage participation in the celebration of Mass broadcast on CatholicTV.

— Cardinal Seán