Are you feeling overwhelmed by COVID-19?

As the Coronavirus has impacted our society, and we continue to meet with Parishioners, our Parish Staff has become intensely aware of the stress that you, our families, are under with regard to COVID-19 health concerns, employment issues as a result of the virus, and the overall state of our civil society. It can be a lot.

As Catholic Christians, we know that the Good News of the Gospel is that Jesus cares for us through these turbulent times, and God never leaves our side. Jesus’ message consistently comforted the afflicted as he taught, as we see in the Scriptures. We believe that Jesus wants to comfort us now.

While we are not trained counselors, we believe that we can provide a safe place to gather as a community to share those stresses, and maybe offer some relief using Jesus’ own words.

We are hosting a Zoom Call-in on Thursday, 7/16 at 7:30pm to share and reconnect as a community. If you are interested, we would be happy to see you online.

To connect to the Zoom, click HERE a few minutes before the Call-in session starts.

Or, if you prefer to dial in via a plain ol’ phone …
… dial the phone number
929.205.6099, then
… enter the meeting ID
811 8473 7575, and finally
… enter the password

No registration is required.

Contact for more information. (If you do know that you will be attending, email Deacon Phil as he would find it helpful to plan.)

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

— St. Matthew the Evangelist Pastoral Team