As part of our effort to unify our three former parishes at the time of consolidation into Saint Matthew the Evangelist Parish, our many organizations that have historically identified with a particular parish have either transitioned to Saint Matthew or in some cases disassociated. 

The Saint Andrew Parish Facebook Group, at my request, decided to repurpose their existing group to a different name, to continue as a group. The former and renamed group is a private group formed by parishioners, administered privately and has not been officially associated with the leadership of the parish of Saint Andrew.

If you were a member of the former Saint Andrew Parish group, your membership automatically transferred to the Catholic Truth Facebook Group.  Group members should have received notification of a posting dated September 9 regarding the renamed Catholic Truth Facebook Group posted by Michael Chalsen (administrator of the group) stating the following:

“The St. Andrew Parish Facebook group has been renamed to avoid any conflicts with the new St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish. Our new name is Catholic Truth and we are not associated with any particular parish. Our theme will be Truth as proclaimed by our Catholic Faith.”

I hope this addresses and clarifies any concern or confusion that have come forward since the change. 

— Father Paul J. Aveni
Pastor, Saint Matthew the Evangelist, Billerica