We will be sharing materials from the Archdiocese to enable your family to pray together once per week – probably 15-20 minutes – then once a month we would ask that your family and 2-3 other families gather to pray together. These gatherings (the Family Small Group) with other families can be held at the group’s scheduled convenience and the group’s location of choice, including online. We will match each family small group (“village”) with a mentor-leader who will join you at the monthly gathering.

We are going to allow your family, the 2-3 other families in the small group, and the minister facilitating your small group to choose the day and time to meet, and it can vary from month to month! We know family schedules constantly change!

Our default with the Family Small Groups will be to match families with similar aged kids, but when we go to create the groups and send you a follow-up form in August or early September, you will have the opportunity to note families you would like to be matched with, and we plan to honor that. You can even put in the student notes as you register now your preferences for families / other children to match your family with.