All parish ministers (volunteers, staff and clergy) are required to submit an annual background check (CORI) form with the Archdiocese of Boston. This includes liturgical ministers, faith formation, pastoral ministry, and parish leadership. More details about these specific roles is below.

When Do You Collect CORI Background Check forms?

Typically from July-September each year, or whenever someone begins involvement in a ministry.

You may also come the Parish Office during business hours to submit your CORI forms.

We typically collect CORI background check forms during one or two weekends in August-September after all the Masses.

You will be asked to complete a CORI form and present it with your photo identification. We will verify that the CORI has been completely filled out and will securely send them to the Archdiocese of Boston.

You are invited to download the form in advance, print double-sided, and bring the completed form with you to save time. This is very helpful to us!

What is the Notary section on the CORI?

Starting in 2020, an individual may complete a CORI, submit it to a Notary for verification, and mail the completed CORI to the parish office. An individual using this option may still need to meet with a staff member prior to being admitted to serve in a ministry. Some find this option helpful if they are unable to get to the parish office during office hours.

Who needs to complete a CORI:

Everyone who serves in any capacity as a representative of St. Matthew the Evangelist parish, regardless of contact with minors (contact with minors also requires the Protecting God’s Children Virtus training). This includes:

Liturgical: Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, Lectors, Music Ministers, Hospitality, Mass Assistants, etc.

Faith Formation: all faith formation roles, including RCIA and faith formation programs and events

Pastoral Ministers: Homebound Ministers, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Missions (such as the soup kitchen), etc.

Leadership: clergy, staff, routine contractors, and volunteers; Parish Pastoral Council, Parish Finance Council, CAP Team (Child Abuse Prevention), etc.