Candidates for Confirmation and their families often ask about what clothing is appropriate for the ceremony.  It is suggested that you think of what you would wear for Easter Mass, than be one step more dressy. Hair should be prepared to keep the forehead open, as the Bishop will be making a cross with oil on the forehead. Please do not wear a hat, as even dress hats often get in the way. There should be no gum or food in the church.

Guys’ Details:

Suits are fine, sport jacket is good, neither is necessary.

Nice pants, can be khakis, but no jeans.

Collared shirt, better if it’s a dress shirt.

Ties are fine (with appropriate content).

Dress shoes – no sneakers.

Girls’ Details:

Comfortable dress shoes, but with no big heels, as they are too easy to trip on.

Skirts and dresses are fine, but not required, and please be mindful of modesty.

Conservative makeup.

Flowers are fine.

If you have further questions, please contact Tony.