As a newcomer to the Parishes of our Collaborative, Father Paul has experienced the complexity of the different ways that our three Parishes celebrate Eucharist.

This complexity makes it difficult for new priests to celebrate Eucharist among the Parishes, leads to confusion around the altar, and makes it difficult for Liturgical Ministers to serve at different parishes.

As well, Father Paul would like to align our celebrations of the Eucharist more closely to the spirit of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

During our recent Liturgical Minister meetings, Father Paul responded to the question of “What is Father Paul going to do?” with the following:

I am going to preach the Gospel, Anoint the sick, Baptize, Witness Marriages, Bury the dead, all according to the Church’s guidelines.

The conversation also presents the Staff of the Collaborative with the opportunity to remind all volunteer ministers that we are the first faces that 90% of pew Catholics see in their experience of Church. Father Paul also hastens to add that it is a privilege and not a right, or an honor, or a recognition of our holiness, to serve at the Table of the Lord. We are all called to serve via our Baptism.