Last week we began our annual Grand Annual stewardship campaign. As you know, our yearly campaign is an integral part of the financial structure of our Parish. Your prayers and continued support have assisted us in navigating challenges throughout the past year. The success of St. Matthew the Evangelist is a tribute to each of the people who celebrate their faith with us.

Saint Matthew parish continues to struggle financially with an annual operating deficit.  Factors contributing to this deficit include our level of operating income, increases in operating costs (especially fuel and electricity), and costs related to deferred maintenance on our buildings. We have been able to significantly decrease expenses, thus decreasing our deficit. In the past, the Grand Annual campaign has been able to fund specific projects and ministries, but for several years, we have relied on the Grand Annual to strengthen our offertory income to meet day to day operating expenses.  

Last year, try as we might have, we were unable to reach our Grand Annual goal of $200,000. We appreciate the increased expenses that everyone faced, and are grateful for your generosity toward our parish, though we cannot continue to survive as a parish with a monthly deficit that is over $5,000.  In his letter sent to parish families, Father Aveni humbly asked for a contribution of $1,300 per family ($110 a month or $25 a week) toward our Grand Annual campaign.  Along with the increase in offertory that we have also requested, we hope we are able to bridge the gap that continues to exist between our income and operating expenses.

You may make a donation to our Grand Annual either by using the donation envelope sent to you and placing it in the offertory basket as you enter Mass, mailing it into the parish office, using the monthly Grand Annual envelope in the weekly envelopes, or making a donation online using this link

We have very generous parishioners at St. Matthew and we thank you for your generosity and support of our parish!