billerica, massachusetts

Recruiting volunteers for Liturgical Ministers is really every Parishioner’s concern. If you see a Parishioner who you would think would make a good Minister, either ask them yourself, or refer them to the Liturgical Minister for your Parish. It’s really as simple as that. We would be happy to speak with any interested Parishioner to […]

Would that there was one silver bullet or magic potion to encourage our youth, and families with youth to attend Mass more regularly! Unfortunately, we cannot berate or cajole or demand or intimidate or shame families into attending Mass more frequently. We cannot offer prizes for attending, and we cannot demand that families punch cards […]

At each session of the Liturgical Ministry meeting, participants asked that the Staff gather individual Ministries as well as all Ministers together for training and for social events more frequently. The Ministers expressed the need to feel better connected to one other, and to know more of what was was going on in our Collaborative. […]

As a newcomer to the Parishes of our Collaborative, Father Paul has experienced the complexity of the different ways that our three Parishes celebrate Eucharist. This complexity makes it difficult for new priests to celebrate Eucharist among the Parishes, leads to confusion around the altar, and makes it difficult for Liturgical Ministers to serve at […]