billerica, massachusetts

I find this to be the most frustrating of the concerns on a number of fronts. It was brought to my attention years ago, that even though one might communicate information, if that communication is not received or received accurately, then the communication is not effective. An example of this is Parish Bulletins. Who does […]

As much as we might think this in hindsight, the goal of Disciples in Mission (Pastoral Planning with a collaborative model) continues to be strengthening parishes for the work of the New Evangelization, strengthen the work of the New Evangelization in Parishes part of which is promoting vocations to ordained ministry in the Church. Strengthening […]

This concern brings to mind the movie “Field of Dreams” If we do it, they will come. A better approach might be to do it because people are there. We received a very positive response to the few liturgical items I had requested in the fall. This seems to prove that we get a better […]

As per Governor Baker, the “Stay at Home Advisory” has been extended to May 4. This extends the number of weeks without a congregation, and the contributions made by parishioners without envelopes and usually only when in attendance. In that amount of time all three parishes will be in grave financial danger. Many of our […]