The following article first appeared in The Pilot in the spring of 2022:

By Jacqueline Tetrault:

Kevin Roy is not, technically speaking, a professional artist. Although he has repaired statues for decades, he has never advertised or charged for his services. But his reputation among the Catholic faithful in his community has given him plenty of opportunities to develop his skills — and, he hopes, helped people contemplate the divine through art.

Roy grew up in the former St. Andrew Parish, now St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish in Billerica. He attended schools in Lowell and Lawrence and spent a few years in seminary, later earning his master’s degree in theology…

In his free time, Roy repairs statues, a hobby that involves a variety of art forms, including carving, sculpting, and painting. Though he has worked on a handful of secular statues for friends and family, the vast majority of his projects involve religious statuary owned by Catholic parishes or laypeople.

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