2021 Paschal Candles 



APIS MATER.  The Exsultet praises the bee whose work builds the precious torch of the Paschal candle. Apis Mater, literally translated “Mother Bee,” is an introspective candle that shines with the joy of community life, the discipline of hard work, and the love concealed in sacrifice. The vibrant honeycomb design wraps around the entire candle and pays homage to “the work of the bees.” It also includes rosettes of myrrh.


LAUDATO.  Shorty after the first lighting of this candle, we will hear the story of the creation of the world in the first reading of the Easter Vigil. Sun and stars, sea and fish dance around this flame, proclaiming the Life of Easter.




SOLLEMNIS.  The antiphon for the simple entrance of Palm Sunday calls the upcoming Passover a “Sollemnis Pasch”. It is the only appearance of the word, “Sollemnis” in the entire Roman Missal- 2010. When Easter comes, we will find its festive palm branches transform into a radiant cross proclaiming resurrection.



©2016 Photos Courtesy of Marklin Candle Design. All Rights Reserved

Please don’t hesitate to take a closer look at our beautiful, newly blessed candle, found in the sanctuary and lit throughout the 50 days of Easter. This candle symbolizes Jesus, who is the Light of the World, and outside of these 50 days of Easter, it will again be lit during funerals and baptisms.

Our candles are from the Marklin Candle Design Company. For over almost 30 years, Marty Marklin has been designing Paschal Candles by hand harvesting even the wax from his many bee hives. Marty Marklin, founder, is a Catholic craftsman and artist who has built a business by designing Paschal and church candles. Marty’s candles are seen worldwide in Cathedrals and Parishes. They hand dip and hand carve these beautiful Paschal candles. CLICK HERE to see how the candles are made.

Many thanks to our generous Parishioners who have donated each of our Candles for 2021 – for St. Andrew, St. Mary, and St. Theresa Churches!

CLICK HERE to email our Director of Worship. Dr. Paul Ciotti with any questions.