12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Would Jesus ask me, “Do you not yet have faith?” Does my faith strengthen and console me during times of trial?


13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

How does my faith in the Lord give me hope when I might otherwise feel hopeless?


14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

How is Christ made manifest in me through my own weakness?


15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Can I recall a time when I was provided what I needed to bring God’s blessings to others? Can I trust in God whenever I feel inadequate to the task?


16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

When has my compassion for someone or for others pushed aside my own needs? How can I put others’ needs first more often?


17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

What can I do to alleviate hunger in my community, my city, our country, the world? What can I allocate from my plenty to relieve the hunger of someone else?