RCIA Rite of Welcoming

When Adults who have not been Baptized, or who have been Baptized, but never received their First Communion, want to be part of our Catholic Community, we follow the Rite of Christian Initiation, also known as the RCIA.

On Sunday 11/24, we welcomed 5 people who were in this category at the 9am Mass at St. Theresa. Join us in welcoming these folks as they continue their journey to Jesus and His Sacraments!

Francis Moody (Candidate)

Donna Naples (Candidate)

Arthur Yee (Catechumen)

Vincent Lee (Catechumen)

Allison Peacock (Catechumen)

Candidates are those who have already been Baptized, while Catechumens have not yet been Baptized.

If YOU feel the desire to come into full communion with the Catholic Church, please contact Deacon Phil at deacon.phil@billericacatholic.org to chat about the journey.