Phishing Emails – DO NOT be fooled.

At times people have contacted us that they have received an email from one of the Parish Staff asking for a quick response or for gift cards, etc.
These emails are what are called phishing emails that are sent by ill intended people or organizations who are phishing for your personal information. 
They have received your email address illegally. When you receive and email like this, check the email address that it is sent from, it will look like it is from one of us, but may be misspelled by one or two letters, an additional punctuation mark, or an organization name that could pass for us. 
Clergy and staff from our parishes will never send “emergency” or “urgent” emails requesting money, gift cards, or any other assistance.

Tips to deal with Phishing:

  • CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESS OF THE SENDER (Hover over the name of the sender which will show the email address it was sent from)
  • If the tone of the email is urgent, this should be a signal to use caution.
  • Be cautious opening any attachments or links in any emails.

CLICK HERE for more information about Phishing from the Federal Government

Should you receive an email like this, do not respond and we ask that you please forward the email to
Unfortunately we have little if any control over these messages.  Saint Matthew Parish will make a concerted effort to beef up our computer security and the way we send out messages.  Please know that we will never make any appeal directly through an email!  We have no reason to ask for money or gift cards, that need to be remitted immediately to us via an email or electronically. 
  If it doesn’t look legitimate, it most likely isn’t. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes.