When you support the Catholic Appeal,
you support the Church in Billerica!

Thank you to all who have participated in the 2020 Catholic Appeal! We are pleased to share that even during these difficult times, St. Matthew has raised 85% toward our 2020 Catholic Appeal goal. Our heartfelt thanks to all who have helped make our campaign a success so far. Whether you are attending Mass in person or watching from home, we invite you to join us in supporting the Catholic Appeal. We recognize that many of you may be navigating your own financial challenges but ask for your prayerful consideration of a gift to the 2020 Catholic Appeal at whatever level is comfortable for you.

The outpouring of support from so many helps sustain the important ministries that make our parish a vibrant place to worship. The Catholic Appeal supports many ministries at work here at St. Matthew. While many aspects of our life have come to a standstill, the work of our ministries has continued amidst the pandemic. If you have yet to participate in this year’s Catholic Appeal, please visit bostoncatholicappeal.org.

If we reach our goal, a percentage of those funds will be returned back to St. Matthew Parish. Thank you for your prayers and support as you help us to surpass our goal!