Dear Catholic Community of Billerica,

It is with a lot of mixed feelings that I share with you that I have decided to conclude my ministry serving the Catholic Community of Billerica, as I have accepted an offer to work elsewhere in the Church. My new situation will be a position that better serves the needs of my growing family – less hours and less responsibilities.

While I have been considering the move for more than a year, I have remained in Billerica because of my great working relationship with Fr. Paul Aveni, the leadership responsibilities that he has entrusted me with, and the great faith formation team I had the pleasure of working with. I believe we offer some of the finest faith formation ministry in today’s Church and I am very proud of what we have done, especially through and after the pandemic.

I wish everyone in the Catholic Community of Billerica well and I will be keeping you in my prayers. Fr. Paul, your parish, and particularly the parish’s faith formation ministry deserves your support! I have offered to lend my expertise so that a smooth transition may be possible – what are you doing for your parish?

I will be concluding my ministry in Billerica in early September, as I am expected to begin as the Coordinator of Youth Ministry for the Concord-Carlisle collaborative on September 12. I have offered to assist with transitions as much as possible.

Tony Carbrello
Outgoing Director of Youth Faith Formation, Coordinator of Teen Ministries, and Interim Communications Coordinator for the Catholic Community of Billerica / St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish

Mass of Thanksgiving for Tony Carbrello

Sunday, September 11, 2022, 10 AM at Saint Theresa Church

It is with appreciation and gratitude that we as a parish celebrate the ministry of Tony Carbrello in our Faith Formation Program.

Tony has been ministering to and forming our youth, as well as leading our program of Faith formation since 2014. He worked collaboratively in joining the three programs of our legacy parishes and developing and implementing a revised curriculum, and let’s throw in a change in pastors and pandemic for good measure. Though we will miss Tony’s ministry we share in his excitement for him and his growing family, to venture into a new opportunity in his ministry to God’s people.

As a practice in the Church we tend not to bid goodbye on these occasions, rather we express our thanksgiving for the time we had. Please join us on Sunday, September 11 at the 10 AM Mass, as we as a parish give thanks to God for the gift of Tony’s ministry. Mass will be followed by a light reception in Saint Matthew Parish Hall, and you will have a chance to greet Tony outside during the reception. Tony’s transition will be a bit fluid, meaning he will continue to be involved in completing some of his ministry in the weeks following this Mass. ~ Fr. Aveni