It has come to our attention that the most recent mailing of Weekly Envelopes contained some errors. This was the first mailing of envelopes for our new parish, St. Matthew the Evangelist. Unfortunately there were several misprints.

Specifically, the CATCH UP and Christmas Season Flower collection envelopes were printed with the name of St. Andrew Parish, not St. Matthew. These CATCH UP collection envelopes should read St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish.

The color of the border is also a misprint, in the future there will be a single border color. We are working with the Envelope company to correct these items for the next printing of the Weekly Envelopes. As a reminder, since August 1st all contributions are deposited into one account for St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish.

Why is my Envelope number different?  When we consolidated the Weekly Envelopes for St. Matthew the Evangelist, to prevent duplicate envelope numbers, a prefix was added to your existing envelope number.

Why is there not a Monthly Maintenance envelope?  After careful review of our additional collections (envelopes), we decided to restructure the number of Special Collections. Going forward, the special collections taken will only be those that support important initiatives of the USCCB and the Archdiocese.

CLICK HERE to direct further questions and concerns to Chris Kilburn, Finance and Operations Manager.